Concussion Policy

Broadview Heights Youth Sports Concussion Policy and Procedure

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Per Ohio law, all coaches and officials must present evidence to the Parks and Recreation Department that they have successfully completed, within the previous 3 years, an online training program in recognizing the symptoms of concussions and head injuries prior to coaching or officiating.

All parents or guardians registering their child to participate in a youth sport in Broadview Heights will receive a copy of the Ohio Department of Health's Concussion and head injury information sheet.

Guidelines for coaches and officials when dealing with a potential concussion during a game or practice.

Any player exhibiting signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with having sustained a concussion or head injury must be removed from practice or competition by the coach, referee or by a league official.

After the player is removed, the coach, referee, or official who removed the player is prohibited from allowing the player to return to that practice or game. (refer to Return to Play Policy)

The following situations indicate a medical emergency and require activation of the Emergency Medical System (911):

Any athlete with a witnessed loss of consciousness (LOC) of any duration should be spine boarded and transported immediately to nearest emergency department via emergency vehicle.

Any athlete who has symptoms of a concussion, and who is not stable (i.e., condition is worsening), is to be transported immediately to the nearest emergency department via emergency vehicle.

An athlete who exhibits any of the following symptoms should be transported immediately to the nearest emergency department, via emergency vehicle.

  • deterioration of neurological function
  • decreasing level of consciousness
  • decrease or irregularity in respirations
  • any signs or symptoms of associated injuries, spine or skull fracture, or bleeding
  • mental status changes: lethargy, difficulty maintaining arousal, confusion or agitation
  • seizure activity

An athlete who is symptomatic but stable, may be transported by his or her parents. The parents should be advised to contact the athlete's primary care provider, or seek care at the nearest emergency department, on the day of the injury.

Returning to Play

The player removed from a practice or game for a suspected concussion or head injury is prohibited from returning to play until BOTH of the following conditions have been met:

A. The player is assessed by a physician

B. The player receives written clearance that it is safe for him or her to return to practice or games