BUILDING - The Building and Zoning Department has a responsibility to protect public safety, health, and welfare within the city through diligent, efficient, effective, and courteous administration of all applicable city and building codes.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - General responsibilities include coordinating and implementing projects and programs that support commercial, office and industrial development; business attraction; business retention; development of public facilities and infrastructure; small business development initiatives; and other economic development.

ENGINEERING - The Engineering Department is responsible for all engineering and inspections in connection with public works and inspections as well as all engineering and inspection as otherwise required by the ordinances of the City of Broadview Heights, Ohio.

FINANCEThe Finance Department is in charge of all fiscal matters related to the City of Broadview Heights.

FIRE & EMS - Emergency fire, Medical, and Rescue services. 

HUMAN SERVICES - The department’s goal is to offer help to all residents who need support to maintain a quality of life and residency in our community and school system.

SERVICE DEPARTMENT - The Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and efficient operation of all city-owned property, buildings, city streets, and utilities, sewage pumping stations, sewers, garbage collection, city vehicle maintenance, and improvements to city buildings.