League Change Request Policy

Any parent requesting that their child play in a league other than the league designated by their age or grade must do the following:

1. Register and pay for the appropriate league as determined by the league age /grade cut off.

2. Complete this league change form in it's entirety.

All properly completed forms will be reviewed by the Athletics Manager and / or Recreation Director and approved or denied prior to the assignment of teams.

Should your request be approved and a balance then due, payment must be made prior to the start of the season. Any approval that results in a reduced registration fee will be refunded in the form of a credit to your account with the recreation department.

If the request is denied, a refund request will be accepted providing the registration took place prior to the registration deadline.

Note:  Previous coaches may be contacted to evaluate skill level and/or maturity of a player.  If a player does not possess the skill level or maturity to play in the higher league, the request will be denied.

If you fill out a league change form requesting that your child me moved up because of his or her skill level,  and it is determined that the player’s skill level is NOT comparable to other players in that league, that player will be moved to the age appropriate league.  

Carpooling, convenience, to play with siblings, to play with neighborhood kids or to play for a particular coach are NOT valid reasons for a league change.

Complete the league change form