Mailbox Repair

Mailbox Damage During the Snow Season:

Mailbox damage is inevitable when streets are being plowed. Typically, damage is not caused by direct contact with the plow, but rather the snow that is thrown off the road. The snow is very wet and heavy and can strike the box with considerable force. It is important that your mailbox be in good condition, securely attached to a substantial support at the proper height, and at the proper distance from the roadway. Custom-made mailboxes should be shielded or replaced for the winter with a standard box. The Service Department will make repairs or replace mailboxes that have been damaged by snowplows.

Mailboxes hit by motorists are the responsibility of the homeowner.

View the Mailbox Replacement Policy (PDF)

To report mailbox damage please complete the Mailbox Damage form or call 440-717-4022.