Soliciting in Broadview Heights

Residents that do not want solicitors may APPLY ON-LINE to be listed on the Do Not Knock list....or download and complete the form at the right. It is suggested that a NO SOLICITATION sign be placed in clear view on the door.


It is your responsibility to obtain the Do Not Knock list and be aware of the address that you cannot call on.

Chapter 828.04 section g) 
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, no peddler/solicitor, while peddling and soliciting, shall call upon, knock at the door or ring the doorbell of any residence, house, apartment, or other dwellings in the City which is at that time on the ''Peddlers/Solicitors Do Not Call Registry'' established and maintained pursuant to this Chapter or upon which there is posted at the entrance a notice which reads ''No Peddlers of Solicitors Allowed", or words of similar import, which clearly prohibit peddlers and solicitors on the premises unless such peddler has previously been invited upon the premises by the lawful possessor and occupant thereof. 

Chapter 828 Peddlers & Solicitors

Solicitors are not required to get a permit in the City of Broadview Heights.

There are several ordinances that pertain to soliciting in Broadview Heights. In summary:

  • Section 828.04 limits the hours of solicitation from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Section 828.05 states that, "…no person engaged in business…shall call at any residence in the City which displays a NO-SOLICITATION sign.
  • Section 828.06 reads: "Peddlers and solicitors shall use only residential sidewalks and driveways…"
  • Section 828.07 reads: "…no person engaged in business…shall call upon…any residence…which is at that time on the ’Peddlers/Solicitors Do Not Call Registry".