Shade Tree Commission

About the Commission

This commission determines the types and kinds of trees to be planted along city streets, parks, and grounds. It also has regulates the planting, maintenance and removal of trees on streets and other publicly owned property to ensure safety, and to preserve the aesthetics of public sites. It also provides technical assistance to developers and others in the selection and protection of naturally occurring trees during the development of wooded areas.

Duties of Property Owners

Any person owning or occupying property upon which there are trees that border any street is expected to:

  • Prune trees so that they will not obstruct street lighting, the passage of pedestrians on sidewalks, the vision of traffic signs, or the view of any street
  • Treat or remove any tree or plant that is diseased or insect –ridden that causes it to be a danger to other trees and plants in the area

Other helpful information: