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Meals On Wheels Application

  1. Application for Meals On Wheels

    Must be approved by Human Services

  2. Please type in first and last name of Client receiving meals.

  3. Please include Name, Age & Relationship to Client

  4. Type in where the Meals should be delivered (Front Door, Side Door, Back Door, if other please describe)

  5. Please type in the reason why client is requesting Meals On Wheels

  6. Will the Client need any assistance ? Please specify.

  7. Type in First & Last name

  8. Type in Emergency Contact phone number and a secondary number if able.

  9. Type in Emergency Contacts full address (street, city, state & zip)

  10. Type in the full name of Physician

  11. Type in Physicians phone number

  12. Application Process

    Once your application has been submitted, the client will be contacted by Human Services for a brief interview and further instructions. Please allow 3-4 days.

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