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Tickets that may be paid without a court appearance are referred to as waiverable offenses.

To find the amount due, click on the appropriate link:

Traffic Offenses Page

Speed Offenses Page

If there are 2 or more offenses on your ticket, please call for the total amount due. 

By making this payment you are entering a plea of GUILTY and waive the right to prosecute, appeal or error proceedings. You understand the nature of the charge(s) against you. You understand your right to have counsel and you WAIVE this right and the right to a continuance. You WAIVE your right to trial before a judge or a jury. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles may assess points against your driving record as directed in conjunction with the court records.


  • Waiverable tickets issued MORE THAN ONE YEAR AGO 
  • If you do not wish to plead guilty (Court appearance is MANDATORY)
  • If ticket indicates Court Appearance required


  • Accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa (debit or credit card)**
  • Provide the TICKET # which is at the TOP right of your ticket, (shown in this format BH12345)***
  • Provide the payment amount - FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED
  • Must be paid no later than the Court date & time shown on the bottom right of the ticket****

  **When making an online credit card payment, you will notice on your credit card statement that this results in two (2)  withdrawals from your account; one for the ticket amount and one for the transaction fee. The transaction fee is charged by  the company processing your credit card payment. This fee is not payable to and not charged by the City of Broadview  Heights Mayor's Court.

 ***Payments to an incorrect Ticket # cannot be reversed by our office. 

  ****Any late payments will incur a $20.00 LATE FEE, you must call the Court office prior to making any online payments.



You would then get the Noble Payment Technologies Access Fee page….to continue with payment.