History of Broadview Developmental Center

In the 1930s, a grand hospital was built by the Federal Government. It opened in 1939 and was called the Brecksville VA hospital. It provided general medical and surgical services to veterans. After the war, all patients were moved to Crile Hospital and the building was used for Tuberculosis patients. In the late 1940s the building became too small for TB patients. Another wing was built east off the back of the original building.

In August of 1961, Brecksville VA Hospital opened on Miller Road and Route 21. It was associated with Wade Park VA Hospital which opened in June 1964, taking in all patients from Crile Hospital which was sold to Cuyahoga Community College. A mixture of patients in the old building were relocated.

Photo of old veterans hospital at Broadview Center

In 1965 the property was sold to the State of Ohio for $1 to be used for mentally handicapped patients. Several additional buildings were constructed on the property for housing. In 1972 the Thorin Building (now known as the Community Building) opened for offices, classrooms, and recreation.

In 1987 the State closed the old hospital building and all clients were housed in cottages. Then in 1992 the State moved out of the Broadview Developmental Center altogether. Several of the outlying buildings continued to house patients through a private operator.

In 1995 the General Assembly voted to sell Broadview Developmental Center to the City of Broadview Heights; it became official in 1996 when the City purchased the 68-acre property for $750,000. In 1998 the Recreation and Human Services Departments moved into the Thorin Building at the newly-renamed "Broadview Center". The Thorin Building underwent extensive renovation, and in 1999 City Hall moved into what is now called "The Community Building".

One of the outlying cottages was renovated for the Police Department which moved to the Broadview Center in 2000. The Service Department renovated and moved into the former Dietary Building and the steam power house was demolished. Buildings 9, 10, and 11 were also renovated for use by the Service Department. A new service garage and salt bin were constructed in 2003, then a skatepark in 2004. Other outlying buildings soon housed various organizations including the community theater, photo club, garden club, historical society, Lend-a-Hand, etc.

The old hospital was demolished in 2006. A playground was built in 2007, football field in 2009, and a pavilion in 2011. The grounds of the Broadview Center continue to change with the needs of the community.