Day Camp

Looking for a great place for your kids to spend their Winter or Spring Break? Bring them to our Camp!  This weekday camp runs 8:30am to 4:30pm during holiday breaks.  Extended care is available, see rates below.  Children ages 5 through 12 are eligible to participate. Daily activities will include: games, swimming, crafts, movies, relays, GAGA Ball, sports activities, and much more!   Children need to bring a lunch, towel, and bathing suit.  They may also bring a snack or money for the vending and game machines.  

Activity Number: 210401
Winter Break: December 21st through January 2nd 
(no camp on 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, and 1/1)

Activity Number: 110401
Spring Break: 
March 22nd through March 29th &
April 15th through April 22nd 

Fees: Daily
Member $26
Resident $30
Non-Resident $36

Extended Care:
Pre-Care (#210402) 7:00AM-8:30AM $5.00 per day 
After-Care (#210403) 4:30PM-6:00PM $5.00 per day

Pre/after-care users can pay the daily fees in advance. If paying at drop off or pick up, receipt must be presented to camp staff.  There are NO REFUNDS on pre/after care fees.

​Camp Code of Conduct

In order for the Summer Camp Program to be fun and safe, the following rules will be enforced.  It is each camper/parent/guardian's responsibility to follow the policies listed below. Please review them with your child and sign the bottom of the form. 

Camper must follow directions of staff at all times
Camper must give turns and share with others
Camper must solve problems positively
Camper must be a friend and include and help others
Camper must keep hands and feet to yourself at all times
Camper must use polite words in an appropriate volume
Camper must respect all property
Campers must care for and encourage one another
Camper must clean up and keep area neat for others
Camper must accept consequences

The following behavior by staff, parents/guardians or campers will not be tolerated:

Using language which is offensive, sexist or racist
Fighting, bullying or any other forms of aggressive behavior
Leaving camp boundaries without permission
Behaving in a manner which is potentially dangerous to self and others
Behaving in a manner which damages or vandalizes the property of others or the Broadview Heights Community Center
Disciplining, degrading, scolding, or otherwise aggressive behavior towards camp staff (if there is a problem regarding staff, you are to contact Ryan to resolve the issue)

There is a zero tolerance policy for the following actions by campers and parents/guardians:


The above rules are necessary for the program to be a positive environment for all. The rules of the Summer Camp program are to ensure that everyone has a good time and remains safe.   If a camper/parent/guardian does not follow the above rules, the following consequences will apply based on the severity of the infraction:

Verbal Warning
Loss of activity time
Suspension from Camp
Dismissal from Camp

Camp Administrators reserve the right to suspend/dismiss a camper at any time due to disrespectful/harmful behavior towards themselves and others.