Youth Swim Lessons

Students must be 5 years old at the start of the class.

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MINNOWS– Intro to Water Skills


The students learn to float on their front and back unassisted, retrieve objects, work on face submersion, and be introduced to proper arm/leg movement for treading water. Learn front and back crawl basics, kicking, and improve skills and coordination. Students must be comfortable in deep water to pass the class.

OTTERS – Fundamental Aquatic Skills

otter-clipart-pc55GEjcBStudents will begin to build up endurance in their front and back crawl.  To pass out of this course, they must be able to swim the width of the pool doing both front and back crawl with some ease along with rhythmic breathing. Child should be comfortable in the deep water.  They will continue working on treading water, front and back crawl with endurance and combination skills. 

SHARKS – Stroke Development

best-shark-clip-art-3Students must be able to demonstrate the front and back crawl for at least 10 yards.  They must also be able to tread water for 30 seconds and be comfortable in deep water since the class is taught in the 5 feet section.  The objective of Sharks is to work on front crawl and back crawl.  The elementary backstroke and  elements of sidestroke will be introduced. 

WHALES– Stroke Improvement

62d1d16b32ea0c3c853629c8b69bdf60Students must be able to perform the front crawl with the rhythmic breathing.  They must understand the concept of the back crawl, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke. They will need to be able to demonstrate these skills.  They will be introduced the breaststroke and continue to work on the front and back crawl.  Students will learn elements of the butterfly. 


Students must be able to demonstrate the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and breaststroke. They will be learning butterfly. Students will be swimming longer distances and will learn the turns for competitive swimming. Student will be working on endurance and butterfly. 


Students will continue to build on refining their skills.  All strokes will be reviewed with increased on the breaststroke and butterfly. Students will be working on endurance, fitness swimming, turns, and safety skills.