Special Events

Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt 

Join us for our annual Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt! There will be floating eggs and sinking eggs for the hunters to find. One “magic” egg per age group will earn the hunter a special prize. All participants will receive a goodie bag. You must pre-register for this event by Wednesday March 28th, 2018.

Date: Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Section A* Age 6mos-2 1:00-1:30PM
Section B* Age 3-4 1:30-2:00PM
Section C* Age 3-4 2:00-2:30PM
Section D Age 5-6 2:30-3:00PM
Section E Age 5-6 3:00-3:30PM
Section F Age 7-8 3:30-4:00PM
Section G Age 9-10 4:00-4:30PM

*Parents must be in the water and you must register in advance!
Fees: Member $6, Resident $8, Non-Resident $10