Preschool Classes

 The new preschool levels are designed to provide aquatic skills and teach fundamental water safety to children ages 3 - 4.99 years old.

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Redfish (Preschool)

redfish-md (1)

Ages 3-4.99 years old. This level promotes water safety and swimming readiness. Floating, blowing bubbles, acclimation to the water as well as socialization skills. They will be introduced to submerging their faces, retrieving objects, arm action for treading water and rolling over from front to back.  Parents DO NOT enter the water. 

Orangefish (Preschool)


Ages 3-4.99 years old. Before entering this class, children must be able to float on their front and back for 5 seconds unassisted.  This level will help the child be more comfortable in the water and gain independence with new water skills.  They will learn bobbing , front and back glides, arm/leg action for treading water and combined arm and leg action on their front and back.  Student must be comfortable in deep water as part of the class will be taught in the deep end.  

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