About the Department...


There are 36 employees in the Fire Department

  • 16 Full-time Firefighters
  • 19 Part-time Firefighters
  • 1 Administrative Assistant

All Firefighters are State Certified in Fire Fighting

  • 33 are Paramedics
  • 2 are Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians


Both fire stations are staffed 24-hours a day by a combination of full-time and part-time firefighters. We are able to respond to most emergencies within 4-5 minutes of receiving the call.

Our Mission Statement

The Broadview Heights Fire Department is a branch of the public safety service division of the City of Broadview Heights. This department is organized and managed with one main purpose in mind, and that is to serve the citizens who either live or visit within our city limits. To this purpose our number one priority is the preservation of human life. Secondly, the preservation of property, and lastly albeit more intangible, the pursuit of helping those people who cannot do for themselves, and to provide the safest possible living environment for the people of Broadview Heights.

We are a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated group who does not compromise in any way when it comes to delivering this service. It is with a great sense of honor and pride that these duties will be efficiently and swiftly executed whenever the call for help arises.

We are also committed to providing our services in the most efficient and cost effective manner feasible, in order to, without compromise of service, lessen the financial burden on our community as a whole whenever possible. We will always strive to do our best, as well as be our best. This must and will be done through the use of a well thought out mix of the latest, sophisticated, and expensive high tech equipment, as well as the use of old fashioned desire to help and serve our community.