Fire & E.M.S.

 Broadview Heights Fire Department

Hydrant Flushing in May & August

The Fire Department will be flushing water mains and fire hydrants from May 20- August 20, 2019. This work will be done as part of the Fire Department’s ongoing preventative maintenance program. Generally, this work will be done during the hours of 9AM-4PM, Monday through Friday. Signs will be posted at the end of each street and entranceway to developments, the day before flushing begins. We understand and appreciate your efforts in landscaping your property, but remember not to obstruct the hydrants with long grasses and/or shrubs. 

More information concerning 'dirty water' can be found here.

Station 1
3591 E. Wallings Road
(northern section of the city)
Emergency Calls: 911
 Non-Emergency and fire prevention calls: (440) 526-4493

Fire Station 1 Cropped
Station 2
9455 Broadview Road
(southern section of the city)
Emergency Calls: 911
Non-Emergency and fire prevention calls: (440) 526-3399
Fire Station 2 Cropped
City Fire Rating:
 ISO Rating is Public Protection Class 5

 Public Safety education offered by the Fire Department:
  •  Home Safety Inspections
  •  Block Party Appearances
  •  CPR & First Aid Training
  •  Fire Extinguishing Training
  •  Safety Town Safety Training
  •  Fire Safety & Smoke Simulation Trailer
  •  Career Day Presentations & Shadowing
  •  Station Tours
  •  Fire Safety Programs for Schools, Businesses, Groups
  • Juvenile Fire Setting Counseling