Swing Dance

Is learning how to dance on your bucket list? Would you like to dust off your dance skills? Join us for a group swing dance class or two with the friendly and illustrious dance champions of Get Hep Swing. You do not need a dance partner to sign up for any of these classes, but it can be helpful. We rotate partners during the class and instructors dance with students in order to give them personalized feedback. Wear attire that is comfortable. Wear flat shoes that allow you to pivot and spin easily. Lindy and Balboa take place in Group Exercise Room A, while Jitterbug takes place in Group Exercise Room B.

Lindy: The original form of swing dance—Mondays



Next Session: 8/3-8/31

Jitterbug: The most well-known form of swing dance—Tuesdays



Next Session: 8/4-9/1

Balboa: Known for close connection and footwork—Wednesdays



Next Session: 8/5-9/2

Fees: Member $60, Resident $65, Non-Resident $70