Yard Waste

  • Appliances - Large metal items such as washers, dryers, lawn mowers, hot water tanks, refrigerators, freezers, treadmills, basketball poles, dehumidifiers, etc. will be picked up by the Public Services Department on Thursdays.  Please call the City Hall at 440-526-4357 early in the week to make arrangements.
  • Branches - Branches must be no more than 4 feet in length, bundled, and tied. Bundles should be no more than 2 feet in diameter and put with regular trash. Branches 4 inches or larger in diameter will not be picked up.
  • Grass Clippings - Residents are strongly encouraged to mulch clippings or put in a compost pile. However, clippings will be picked up if they are in large brown biodegradable bags (paper).
  • Leaves - Curbside collection will be made in October and November each year. Review the Garbage and Recycling Calendar for the schedule.
  • Tree Stumps - These are not permitted in the landfill. Residents must dispose of them at a yard waste dump site.