Royalton Road Stormwater Wetland Project Overview

The City of Broadview Heights was a recipient for a Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source Grant through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OhioEPA). The Section 319(h) grant funding is targeted to Ohio waters where NPS (Non-Point Source) pollution is a significant cause of aquatic life use impairments. The Grant is directed towards projects that eliminate such impairments and/or restore impaired waters.

The City of Broadview Heights has taken a proactive approach to managing stormwater within the City and its watersheds. In addition to other stormwater projects the City has recognized a need for additional stormwater management as part of its Master Plan which focuses on continual development around the intersection of Broadview and Royalton Roads. The Section 319(h) Grant will allow the City to combat current stormwater issues while enabling future development.

Project Overview

The Royalton Road Wetlands will be located on the south side of West Royalton Road on approximately 9.5 acres. The proposed project will help mitigate the impacts of existing and future accelerated stormwater runoff to the stream by restoring and enhancing wetlands adjacent to the stream that will provide additional storage of stormwater runoff, provide flood storage, provide a more diverse ecological habitat and accept stream flows during peak rain events to help reduce erosion and improve water quality of the Chippewa Creek.